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Yesteryear “GIVES BACK”

December 6, 2013

We are very proud to announce the donation of 2 Saris Cycle Aid Stations to the City of New Bedford.  In an effort to promote more cycling in the city, these custom made work stations will be strategically placed.  One will be near the entrance to Wing’s Court in downtown and the other near the visitors center at Fort Taber in the south end.  It was unanimously agreed that these are the 2 highest cyclist traffic areas in the city.  The downtown/Purchase street area has many students from Umass and Fort Taber is a gathering spot for walkers and cyclists both.


Each one of these workstations are built to order and are available in 12 colors.  They come equipped with 8 heavy duty tools which are the most commonly used in home repair.  Tire levers, pliers, adjustable wrench, torx, phillips and standard screwdrivers make up the set.  They are affixed to the workstation with stainless steel cables and are only able to reach the bicycle that is to be serviced.  These stands are in use in most major cities throughout the United States and are virtually tamper proof. 

In coordination with The New Bedford Bicycle Committee, Mayor Jon Mitchell along with Sarah Clermont who is with Mass in Motion, this whole project was the mastermind of Kim Camara, owner of Yesteryear Cyclery. ” I felt it would be a great idea for both residents and visitors to the city to have a way to fix a minor problem ‘on the fly’ without the need of a service call.”  Each workstation has an ID plate with a “QR” code that can be scanned by any smart phone and recieve instant repair tips.  Also affixed to the main tubes is a stainless steel plate which states, “Are you in over your head ??? Give us a call.”  with the phone number of the bike shop. We will gladly give over the phone advice and tips or arrange for free pickup and transport to the store to better resolve the problem if the need be so.

Look for these workstations and feel free to use them !!!

Wellness champion  Spotlight



Paul Innis Wareham





Paul was in the hospital at the age of 40 with Heart problems. He took up running at the suggestion of his superintendent when he was working as a high school principle in Bourne. He went on to run 15 marathons and three iron man challenges. He wakes up every day to work out at the Gleason Family YMCA in Wareham by 10 a.m. He is inspirational because he over came his nicotine addiction by substituting a good habit…  Running.

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In the Commuter Spotlight  this month is  Nancy  Bonell and Kerry Mello. They  would like to see wide bike lanes and sidewalks everywhere, not just in select locations. Further, making public transportation more accessible and more commonly used.

Nancy and Kerry ride their bikes from Mattapoisett YMCA off of Rte. 6, along the  Phoenix Rail-Trail and Adams Street to work and back 8.7 miles during the summer months – to raise awareness and encourage active travel such as walking, bicycling to work.  According to a new report from the New Public Health National Prevention Strategy series, “walkable, bikable, and transit oriented communities are associated with healthier populations that have more physical activity, lower body weights, lower rates of traffic injuries, less air pollution, and improved mobility for non-drivers.”.

Nancy LaRue Bonell is the  Vice President & Chief Operating Officer of YMCA Southcoast  also is the co-coasch for Voices for a healthy southcoast

Kerry Mello is the Community Benefits Manager, Southcoast Health System.

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WE COMMEND—BRIX Bounty Farm as they strive to provide sustainable food servicesoffer resources and ideas for community members interested in sustainable vegetable production here on the Southcoast of Massachusetts and beyond.  Brix Bounty Farm focuses on investing in our natural capital (soils) and human capital (community) to create sustainable sources of original wealth.  Located at  858 Tucker Road, Dartmouth, Massachusetts, Brix Bounty Farm works as a community catalyst producing nutrient rich vegetables, providing educational opportunities, and undertaking crop & soil research. THEY MARKET all of our vegetables within 5 miles of our farm:  through our Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program (90 summertime shares, 40 wintertime shares), a self-serve farm stand, and at the downtown New Bedford Farmers Market.

Commuter Spotlight




Wendy Henderson rides her bike five miles to work and five miles back Monday through Friday for one simple reason – she loves riding her bike. But it’s more than just the joy of the tires hitting the payment for this director of Public Health. She also sees riding her bike to work as a little way to help the community become less fuel-dependent.

The best part of her commute is getting to experience her surroundings.

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HOW ON EARTH was formed by Michael & Margie Baldwin co-founder of the Marion Institute. It came from their desire to support and restore local farming in their community. The goal is to educate others in the community about the benefits of organic foods that are produced from nearby farms.

The goal at The Store has been to provide local and seasonal produce 5 days a week. They buy from farms in the area who have additional produce to allow us to offer the best quality and selection. The Store is also carrying items produced by local entrepreneurs, including breads, pies, quiches and pastries, honeys, jams, and more! They have added a kitchen to create our own line of prepared food items utilizing our local, organic produce, as well as serving breakfast and lunch.

Business Spotlight

VOICES COMMENDS — How on Earth as they strive to provide sustainable food services for its clients in Mattapoisett and beyond while working in a pedestrian friendly environment. We like how the company encourages its employees to use active transportation to and from work.

The Store is located at 62 Marion Rd. (Route 6) in Mattapoisett phone 508.758.1341 email: thestore@howonearth.net

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