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Voices for a Healthy SouthCoast supported the development of a youth leadership group trained in advocacy, survey development and presentation skills. Youth learned how to design and implement a survey within their respective communities to assess attitudes toward healthy eating and active living policies. The training also included one-on-one presentation and public speaking coaching. Three of the young people who conducted the survey then presented their results at a meeting of Voices held at the Southeast Regional Health Office of the Department of Public health in New Bedford on January 28, 2014. The project was part of a five-year cancer prevention grant to address the high levels of obesity and tobacco use and the low level of physical activity found among residents of SouthCoast.
The Massachusetts Department of Public Health announced on January 27, 2014 that a community-based partnership led by the City of New Bedford Health Department, the Southeastern Health Initiative for Transformation (SHIFT) Program, in collaboration with the City of Fall River, has been selected by the Patrick Administration to receive grant funding and participate in an innovative health and wellness initiative. The Administration announced more than $40 million in grants that will be shared by nine partnerships across the state to help fight chronic illness and improve health outcomes on the community level while reducing health care costs. Funded partnerships will work to reduce rates of the most prevalent and preventable health conditions, advance healthy behaviors, increase the adoption of workplace wellness or health management programs and address disparities.


CHHWI held their ex-smoker hall of fame was held Thursday Nov 21, 2013 at Whites of Westport. Ten ex smokers were inducted into the EX smokers hall of fame. They shares their stories of success to help others to quit. View video above to see more.

Voices for a Healthy Southcoast seeks planning board help

Encouraging people to quit smoking, the Fall River City Council the Westport Board  and  Barnstable boardof Health passed a ban of sale of tobacco products in pharmacies.  Future plans will be to sign on other Southcoast communities. This policy received National attention for the Y USA and CDC.

 Voices for a Healthy SouthCoast awarded more than $1 million to help create healthier communities in Fall River, New Bedford, Wareham  

Southcoast Hospital CEO Keith Hovan,State Representative, Christopher Markey, Bob Colette,YMCA Southcoast Vice President of Operations Nancy Bonell, Steven A. Beauregard Executive Director of New Bedford Housing Authority, State Representative Antone Cabral, Melissa Gonzalez, Gary Schuyler – CEO YMCA Southcoast and Dr. David Weed Healthy City Fall River.   bookmarkVoicesfin Click here to download the printable guide for Places to walk and Shop for local produce

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